Care Instructions


With outmost care we at Malvini select our materials and designs, to give you the best quality product. However, since our tables are made of natural products, oak and other kinds of wood do need care and attention.

Although saturation throughout the years gives character to our oak dining tables, it is important to remove spills instantly with a damp cloth and mild soap (savon de marseille or mild detergent) immediately.

When wiping a wooden top, always move in the direction of the grain.

Do not allow spills such as wine, oil or other colouring substances, to soak in. Pay particular attention to oil spills and remove all spills instantly

Keep in mind that wood is a natural product and continues to ‘live’. It has proven to be resilient to many changes in its surroundings, but will nevertheless be affected by them. Leaving the product in the sun for a prolonged time will affect the colour, for instance. A wet environment will also affect the product as it may cause parts of it to bend or cracks to become visible. The natural aging of the wood, adds to the character of our products.

On demand, we can apply a mat varnish.

If you have a specific problem, and you cannot find the answer in our care instructions, do not hesitate to contact us.